Inside Outside

This exhibition is an exploration of Gibraltar's relationship with Brexit and the European Union and explores whether Gibraltar's place is inside or outside of the European Union as a result of the Brexit vote.
Inspired by the use of a grid in  the 80s TV show The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross, the solid colour double grid on each of the images is a metaphor for the European Union.
Items that sit inside the grid recede into the background whereas items that sit in front of the grid jump into the foreground. This visual effect plays with the order of items in the fore, middle and background sometimes leading to distorted imagery.
Fine art painting of Town Range, Gibraltar by Beatrice Garcia

Town Range

Fine art painting of viridian green doorway in gibraltar against hot pink wall. Painting by Beatrice Garcia

Near Risso's bakery

This exhibition was first shown in the GEMA gallery in Gibraltar in April 2019 and was shown a month later in the Club Financiero de Genova in Madrid in May of the same year.
The paintings from this series have now sold out. To commission a personalised painting get in contact here.

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Gibraltar Chronicle

Painting of doorway of Old St Bernard's School in Gibraltar. Painting by Beatrice Garcia

St Bernard's School

Fine art painting of mediterranean house on Cumberland Steps Gibraltar. Painting by Beatrice Garcia.

Cumberland Steps

Fine art painting of St Andrew's Church, Gibraltar by Beatrice Garcia

St Andrew's Church