How to Draw

Series of drawing tutorials that I created for the Gibraltar Magazine over a period of a year showing How to Draw famous architectural and UNESCO World Heritage sites from around the world. These drawing tutorials would come out, once monthly in the Gibraltar Magazine Art Club.

Below is an example of How to Draw the Pont des Arts in Paris, France.

For the full catalogue of drawing tutorials head here.

Step by Step Drawing Instructions for the Pont des Arts

Step by Step Drawing Instructions Pont des Arts

Step by Step drawing tutorial How to Draw Pont des Arts

As a result of these monthly editorial art tutorials I was commissioned by the Gibraltar Cultural Services (the Cultural arm of the HMGoG Ministry of Culture) to create a series of 7 videos, to be shared on social media and with local schools. This was for their Annual Youth Jamboree which was online in 2021 due to the covid pandemic.

 Below see the 7 final illustrations for the 7 architectural sites that we explored around Gibraltar.

 These included: How to Draw the Kings Bastion Leisure Centre, How to Draw the Cable Car, How to Draw a Mediterranean Door, How to Draw a Mediterranean window, How to Draw the Lighthouse, How to Draw the Moorish Castle and How to Draw a Red Phone Box.

Kings Bastion Leisure Centre and Gibraltar Cable Car Illustration 

Gibraltar door and Gibraltar window illustration by Beatrice GarciaIllustrations of Gibraltar Lighthouse and Gibraltar Moorish Castle by Beatrice GarciaIllustration of Gibraltar Red Phone Box by Beatrice GarciaEach video was accompanied by a worksheet breaking down each of the steps to get to the completed drawing. Here is an example of said worksheet for How to Draw the Moorish Castle in Gibraltar.

How to Draw the Moorish Castle step by step worksheet

Full catalogue of videos coming soon on the GCS website.