This exhibition explores the Japanese concept of Kintsugi. In Japan, when objects break, they repair the cracks with gold making the object overall stronger than it was before. The new object is a metaphor for the idea that as individuals we are stronger and more beautiful due to our flaws and imperfections.
In a trip to Padua I came across the Capella della Scrovegni. This iconic chapel is famous due to the night sky painted on its ceiling. At the back of this chapel lay a painting of the Last Judgement. Some of the paint had flaked off of this painting, allowing for the viewer's imagination to take hold and paint in the gaps. 
I felt that the concept of kintsugi applied to this chapel as its imperfections were what made it so beautiful. 
Gibraltar's architecture follows the Mediterranean design of Padua. Decay is a romanticizing of the decaying but still beautiful Gibraltar old Town architecture.

Hospital Steps

Painting of Hospital Steps Gibraltar

Upper Town 2

Painting of a door in the upper town of Gibraltar
This exhibition was first shown in 2017 as part of a Group exhibition in Sacarellos in Gibraltar. It was then reshown in 2019 in the Catherine Best showroom in Mayfair, London.
This series has now sold out. To commission a painting, get in contact here.
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Fine art painting of houses in Caleta Beach Gibraltar by Beatrice Garcia


Painting of Gavino's Passage in Gibraltar

Gavino's Passage

Fine art painting of viridian green, broken mediterranean shutters by Beatrice Garcia

Upper Town