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Gibraltar Cultural Awards


Nominee Gibraltar Cultural Awards 2020

Gibraltar Heritage Trust 2020 Art Competition- Highly Commended


Beatrice Garcia (b.1994) is  a Gibraltar born, Amsterdam  based fine artist and illustrator. She has a first class degree in Finance and combines her artistic skills with her finance mindset.  She has exhibited internationally with exhibitions in Gibraltar, Madrid and London.


For me art is a tool for positive social change. They say that a picture paints a thousand words and I believe in the power of art to provide that narrative and positively influence societies to bring about the necessary changes.

I am particularly interested in world heritage and culture. I believe that our surroundings shape us and I am particularly interested in how human behaviour is influenced by the places in which they reside. I also see the buildings that I paint as the soul of our civilisation, as our capacity for creative thought is what defines and unites us as a race.

My brushstrokes, quickly and liberally applied, seek to demonstrate the energy and the urgency of the subject matter. My compositions are bold and I use my warm and classic palette to balance this.